Welcome at the Radim Mynar's website, model´s agent.
I have been doing this work for long to know both the models´ needs as well as the foreign prestigious agencies. I have been selecting girls, models (new faces) particularly based on the face type and nature (character, girl´s interests), home background, then the girl´s height and musculature come (no less important).
However, the face is a priority for me. Charisma must be there, something that force an individual to turn back and have a look, or to say "she is so strange, special".
That is the fundamental of an advertisement. To shock, knock, attract to, some people may see a beau-ideal in the model. I am weary of looking at skinny, long-leg models (lanky), with an endless neck who have reached the top just because the nature made them grow above 180 cm, model designers liked them, and I am asking at the same time what next is there? The face is average, missing attraction. It is a bore.

If you do not share this opinion, do not list these pages. If you are tuned the same way, I promise you will enjoy yourself, I will be permanently knocking and shocking you, in short you will want to look and turn back. Some of you will find their beau-ideal.

Please enter and enjoy yourself together with me :o),   
Radim Mynář.
Radim Mynář
New face:
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